Five years ago, Dallas had no idea what was about to happen to its’ music scene.


A man hailing from Abilene was about to slide into town and seduce Texas music faithfuls with a sultry, sophisticated sound that flirts with genres like Adult Contemporary, Roots and Americana – all while wearing a pinstripe suit and a devilish grin.

It was heartbreak that led Jerrod Medulla to music, and the guitar that satisfied that dull, lonely ache only the end of a first love could cause. But once he found that riffs, slides and solos could heal just about anything, his true first love was born and there was no looking back. 

He was bewitched; led astray from the average nine-to-five workday and lured into a world he could barely control. He was swept into the music scene when an unexpected undertow pulled him on stage at an Open-Mic night. 

“I had been studying for my surgical tech courses and my buddies kept calling me trying to get me to come to Open-Mic night at this bar,” he said. “I was just there to hangout, but they signed me up without me knowing, and when the time came to get on stage, they handed me a guitar. I couldn’t say no.” 

Medulla took a drink and a deep breath and climbed on stage. With a borrowed guitar and a made-up set list, Medulla played in front of a crowd for the very first time. He was a natural. At the end of his set, a promoter for a local two-day music festival approached him and offered him an acoustic spot in the show. 

He's been playing to packed houses ever since, as his style has continued to evolve. 

After seeing success behind the mic, songwriting quickly began to woo Medulla, though his first attempts focused on heartbreak and hangovers. But once he left the dust-filled cities of West Texas and moved to Dallas, his writing skills began to heat up, inching him closer and closer to finding his now-salacious style. 

“I woke up from a dream with a melody in my head and ‘Shouldn’t Be Doin’ This’ was it,” he said. “I had been looking for my style for all of these years and I kept writing songs trying to find it. But once ‘Shouldn’t Be Doin’ This' came along, I knew that was it.” Demand for the song from his fans and show attendees has prompted Jerrod to strongly consider releasing it as a single. 

It’s the innovative sound that mixes with Medulla’s carnal lyrics that make his style so unique. His latest tracks bait the listener with provocative accompaniments, smooth textures and sensuous bedroom-inspired lyrics. 

Right now, Medulla spends his time focusing on writing and challenging himself to continue pushing the innovative envelope. But with instrument combinations such as a baritone guitar and an Italian-inspired accordion, it's a path only Medulla can cut. It’s “Texas roots in a pinstripe suit”, and it’s not going anywhere but up!